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this is my guide on how to pirate things on the web! i will be showing you what to download, what it does, and why you should use them. i highly suggest you read through everything carefully at least one time before attempting, try to understand what you are doing and why. then follow through the second time

my qualifications: i've been torrenting for more than a decade. i like to think i know what im doing

What is torrenting

You may be familar with how regular downloads work. You download a file straight for a singular server. Like downloading an image from a website. Very simple.

torrenting is a bit more complicated, but still easy to understand. imagine you are room with a group of people, your peers. One of your peers has a magazine you all want. So he starts ripping up pages of the magazines and handing it out to everyone else to take a picture of them. When everyone is done taking a picture of the page they got, they pass that page to someone who hasn't taken a picture of it yet. Eventually, everyone has a picture of every page, and it is all magically organized because I couldn't think of a better metaphor for this. That is Peer-to-peer (P2P) network sharing, and it is how torrenting works.

Comparison between direct downloads and P2P

Once you've downloaded the torrent you've wanted from other seeders, you should become one too! More on that later...

reasons to torrent:

  • things cost too much money
  • corporations suck
  • fuck capitalism

VPN:AirVPN (different plans based on how long you want to use it for, one account can be used on up to 5 pcs)

Why a VPN?

Unless you live in a country where piracy is not totally illegal, it's important to stay hidden your internet service provider doesn't come knocking on your door for breaking the law. VPNs help you do that. Your ISP can keep you from accessing your internet for a few days or send you letters and fines in the mail.

Because we are torrenting and downloading from our peers, you want to make sure the VPN you use supports P2P servers!

As much as I'd like for this guide to be completely free, few VPNs are actually free, and most unreliable. If they are free, they are selling your data or they don't fully support torrents. AirVPN is cheap and has a good reputation.

An extra note on VPNs: sometimes they sell out. Developers of VPNs can start collecting your info or do other shady shit at any moment. Or sometimes they remove features that previously allowed you to torrent. Like Mullvad, my previous recommendation, and port forwarding. It's important to stay up to date with what you're using. I recommend looking through r/VPNReviews from time to time. Or just googling what ever you're currently using.

It's also possible to make your own VPN, but if you're new to torrenting, it will most likely be too advanced of a topic for you. It's still pretty hard for me lol. Here's a video about it though.

Torrent client: qBittorrent (free!)

Why qBittorrent?

Reputable, open source. Unlike other torrent clients, qBittorrent doesn't contain ads, and doesn't steal your data to sell to third party companies. Do NOT use BitTorrent or uTorrent

Media player: VLC media player (OPTIONAL but like i don't know how else you're gonna watch vids lol)

Why VLC media player

I've been using it for years, open source, customizable, and plays subtitles. People have also recommended MPV media player


External hard drive: Seagate or WD (OPTIONAL)

Sometimes you become a data horader and you don't wanna delete stuff... It's time to invest in an external hard drive. You can get 1TB (1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes, thats alotta movies...) for preddy cheap these day . I only ask that you don't buy it from amazon.

download those programs and come back here when you're done!


Now that you have both of those installed...

Let's go!

Always, always, always open up your VPN before your torrent client! AirVPN can auto connect to a recommended server.

Open and close things in this order:

  • VPN on
  • Client on
  • Pause torrents
  • Client off
  • VPN off
  • After setting up your VPN and opening your client, its time to bind the two. Head over to the left han corner of qbittorrent, and click on tools, then options. You can also press Alt+O.

    The options window will pop up

    Scroll down on the left and click the Advanced tab. Then look for the Network interface settings, it should be the second tab. Change the value to Eddie (AirVPN's client).

    Hit apply and you are ready to torrent!


    Stay safe


    I recommend uBlock Origin, but you should always be using an adblocker when surfing the web!

    Make sure everything is working out with your VPN. You can check to see if there are any leaks here and here.

    • for music, tv, games, movies, programs, and more! If you're not sure if a torrent is safe or not, check the comments & the users profile. The color around their profile picture has a different meaning.
    • rutracker same as 1337x. Except it's in Russian.
    • nyaa for any anime related media
    • sims.tarac for the sims. if i catch you giving EA money, im gonna explode you with my mind. a friend and i used this to download the sims 4 and it worked great. but another friend who already had the sims 4/origin installed had some trouble. Fuck EA.
    • LibGen for books, comics, acedemic papers, etc.

    Knaben's Proxy List. Notice that one of the links above is down? It probably because it got taken down! Don't worry, there are always mirrors.


    Once you find something you want to torrent, there are usually 2 options given to you:

    Download torrent and Magnet

    Download torrent allows you to download a .torrent file to a location on your computer. You might want a dedicated folder for this so things don't get unorganized. You then have to double click that file to open it in your client. This is useful if you want to redownload something, but can't remember where you saved it!

    Magnet torrent automatically opens up your client and asks you where you want to save torrent. Once you've picked a location, it starts downloading it.

    Something like this should open up when you click Magnet. Choose qBittorent, then Open Link.

    If you decided to download a torrent file, please open it now to continue with the guide.

    This screen should pop up when you've opened a torrent. Pick the location where you want your files to be in the 'Save at' option. You can also pick and choose what files in the torrent you want to download on the right hand side by checking & unchecking the check marks. I never mess with the options in 'Torrent settings'

    After you hit OK, you'll be sent to the main screen.

    On the left, you can see which torrents are downloading, done, being seeded, etc.

    If you click on the torrent, you'll be able to see info about it, how long it'll take to download, how much you've downloaded, and more. I suggest exploring for yourself! If you hit on 'Content' near the bottom of the window, you can see what specific files are being downloaded and even prioritize which get done first!

    When the torrent is done downloading, you can keep your client open to seed the torrent. The only reason you're able to download the torrent is because other people are seeding it, you are downloading from them. And people are downloading from you when you seed. Sometimes seeding happens while you are still downloading a torrent too. Seeding is sharing and sharing is caring!

    Double click the torrent to open the file location and watch/play/install whatever you downloaded.

    How do you know if you've seeded enough?

    If you look at the general section of a torrent, you'll see something called a 'Share Ratio'. Its a ratio of how much you've downloaded vs. how much you've uploaded. You typically want to give back the same amount you took. So it should read 1.00.

    If you are still having doubts about whether what you just downloaded is safe or not, you can throw the file into VirusTotal. Please note that some torrents for software may contain keygens, it make give you a false positive.


    sometimes tv shows & movies you've downloaded come with subtitles. sometimes they don't. if they don't, worry not, there are two solutions.

    SOLUTION 1: Download from VLC media player

    Open up the movie you want to watch with VLC. Check out the menu options on the top left corner and hover over "View", then go down to "VLsub".

    Clicking on it will open up this window. The title of the movie should be automatically filled with the exact file name of what you are watching, click "Search by Name" and multiple options com up in the results below. If you get no results, change the title to the name of the movie you are watching, not the file name. For example: "Movie Name" instead of "Movie.Name.1992.8K.WEB-DL.AAC6.9.h.420-easyussr.mp5".

    Pick subtitles that match, or closely match the file your watching and hit the "Download selection" below. After downloading, "Subtitle track added" should appear on the top right corner of your screen, and you can play the video. If you think the timing is off, scroll down for a fix!

    SOLUTION 2: Download from OpenSubtitles

    head over to and search for the movie you need subtitles for, plus what language you need.

    Select the movie you want from the search results, and a variety of subtitles for said movie will pop up.

    First, you'll see the movie name, and below it, what torrent file it matches. Sometimes you'll see an little icon of an ear next to the title. That means there are subtitles of the hearing impaired.

    Next, what language the subtitles are in, when the subtitles were uploaded, how many times they've been downloaded, the rating for the subtitles, and who uploaded it.

    Click on the movie title for the subtitle that matches your file name, you can also pick something that isn't an exact match, and edit the timing on it later. Click "Download", NOT "Download (beta)". Save the file in the same folder where your movie is saved. Or whatever, i'm not your boss.

    Awesome. Now open the movie in VLC. If you're using another player, these instructions shouldn't be too off, just do a little exploring in your program. Right click to open the menu, scroll down to subtitle, then click Add Subtitle File... Go to the folder where you saved the subtitles and add them. And now you have subtitles! If you've noticed they're a bit out of sync, here's how to fix them:

    Right click to open up the menu again and scroll down to Tools, then open Track Synchronization.

    Here you can adjust how long it takes for subtitles to show up. I usually start at .500 s, then go more or less if needed. I've never needed to adjust the Subtitle speed and Subtitle duration factor values, but don't be afraid to mess around with them. You can always revert back to the original values, which are 1fps and 2 respectively.

    That's pretty much all you need to know! Have fun!


    brief explanations of what some of the words i've used mean. you can google these if you need something more indepth.

    Word Definition
    ISPInternet Service Provider, like Spectrum or Sky Broadband
    Leech(ers)(ing)People who have not fully downloaded the torrent, leeching = downloading
    Open-sourcesource code that anyone can use for any modification, an open-source project might be led by a small team of volunteers, instead of a company making a product
    Peeranother word for leecher, your peers are downloading the same files as you
    Seed(ers)(ing)People who have fully downloaded the torrent, and the only reason you can download a torrent. seeding happens automatically after finishing the download, which you should do to help others download it
    SSLSecure Sockets Layer, network protocol that ensures privacy
    Torrent clientA program you use to download torrent files
    VPNVirtual Private Network, gives you privacy from your ISP
    Other links

    r/Piracy has more links & guides if you're still a bit confused. Take a peek

    Wanna know why I said to pick Switzerland? Check out this article.

    Sonarr and Radarr automatically downloads TV shows and movies for you. Taiga does the same for anime. I have not personally used it myself, but I haven't heard anything bad about them.

    Vimm's Lair for emulators and roms. Please read up on the instructions and do your own research/googling if you're having trouble on getting things to work!

    r/Roms Megathread is also for roms.

    yt-dlp is a command line program to download videos & music from youtube. it is a fork of youtube-dl, but has a couple more features. It is honestly a bit advanced for someone who might be new to torrenting, but I encourage you to try it anyways. Just follow the directions carefully and try search for help with google or on youtube. I'd prefer not to give out a Youtube to MP3 website because those go down often and are sketchy.

    spotDLis similar to the above, but it looks at your Spotify playlists and downloads them from youtube.

    ArchiveBox is a self hosted web archive. you can save any website in a variety of formats.

    Misc. info

    Do your own research! If you have any problem or questions, try looking it up on google! Learn new stuff on your own!

    More seeders = faster downloads, more leechers = more people downloading.

    If you're notice that you can't do much else on the internet because your torrent downloading is taking up too much bandwidth, you can set limits in the Options menu! Just change the Global Rate Limits.

    If you're downloading software, sometimes you'll see people comment "dont download, windows said it had a virus :/" and other people make fun of that comment. Windows WILL flag keygens as viruses or whatever. Keygens are usually included in the torrent because you need a key to activate the software once installed. If you still dont feel good about downloading something with a keygen, look for software that has been CRACKED. Which means it doesn't need a keygen to be installed.

    One more time for the people in the back:


    Piracy now!

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